Swedish Parliament an Embarresment

“We need this to assist our fire fighters”

The streams from the riksdag are crumbling under the load. All transmissions are buffering and I cant  be sure i got the context right for above quote.  I’ll do some digging.

I’m trying to watch Lage Rahm at the moment He still wearing white, and still just as great. But the failing live feeds make it impossible.

The government have been under heavy attack for their rehearsed performance last night. Several of the opposing MP’s are also wearing white, not only Lage Rahm.

The questions that get thrown around are

  • What are the actual changes to the law?
  • What are the actual threats to sweden at this time?
  • What does the opposition propose instead?

Answers are just as predictable

  • We have more controllers controlling the controllers
  • There are many threats; evil people, New York, London, Madrid. Staffan Danielsson (c) even goes so far so to say that swedens nuclear power plants are reason enough, naturally without more details than that.
  • Here there are several answers since the left bloc in sweden arent in a coalition like the right bloc. The Social Democrats want to go back to the drawing board, The Green Party are saying scrap FRA and the left are only criticizing from what I’ve seen so far.

Staffan Danielsson is actually a sight. Hes absolutely terrified at the stand, shaking like a leaf and cant keep his voice under control as he tries to explain why its ok for his liberal party to vote for this bill.

Pretty much everything newsworty at this point is about the theatrics yesterday. Lex Orwell is still the same pardigm shift in domecratic principles. More topping wont make it any less of a turd.


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