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Number one Trend on Twitter Delivers!

Waking up to a good laugh is always welcome. Prosecutor Håkan Roswall, who Ankata described as a being a clown. Brokep told world press at the press conference two days ago that Mr Roswall can’t count and hasn’t finished fifth grade.

Well in a series of moves that earned the comment “EPIC WINNING LOL” by Brokep on #spectrial on Twitter, Mr Roswall first reduced the charges from, and I’m not sure I can translate this properly, “accessory to manufacturing” to “accessory to publishing”. This is barely more than what Jammie Thomas was dragged to court over. Prosecutor Roswall now has to prove that its illegal to make something available for manufacturing when no manufacturing has occurred.

But it wouldn’t be the Roswall we’ve come to known if he managed to hold on the ball from there. Oh no:

Defense: “How can you tell that this is the Pirate Bay tracker?

Prosecutor: “You can’t” <- huh?

D: “So the prosecutor claims that the software always uses The Pirate Bay, provided that it’s his claim that the software uses The Pirate Bay? What happens if the torrent contains multiple trackers?”

P: “It doesn’t.”

D: “Can the Prosecutor produce a copy of the torrent-files so that the court may verify this?”

P: <digresses into the details on how the research was conducted>

D: “Why doesn’t the Prosecutor have copies of these files?”

Seriously? “It doesn’t”? Keep in mind that this Sweden’s TOP IT-prosecutor! Most torrents contain multiple trackers, we know that, the defense knows that and I’m pretty sure the prosecution knows that as well. And why are there no copies of the torrents?

Then again this is the same prosecutor that can’t operate Power Point. In what is the most important case in his career he was told yesterday that he should “stop wasting the courts time and proceed with pen and paper”. This after spending 15 minutes battling his laptop.

That all you say? Why of course not! Earlier today(sv):

[10.04] Fredrik Neij requests to make a comment on the analysis of the trackers. This is normally not allowed but the court makes an exception.

Fredrik Neij explains that the torrent-files being shown contains no information and that they merely passed through The Pirate Bays servers

“The prosecution is building a case on a misunderstanding of the technology.” – defendant Fredrik Neij.

The court requests him to clarify and asks: “Are you claiming that the evidence before us doesn’t prove that the Pirate Bays’ trackers where used?”

The defendants are pleased when they all answer yes.

[10.07] Prosecutor Håkan Roswall requests a 10 minute recess.

I’m a bit divided here though, I mean were it not for the prosecutor acting as the shit shield for the MPAA and IFPI I probably wouldn’t mind the case being thrown out on a technicalty. I lends even more weight to the fact that these companies don’t understand what they’re doing. Since either way, no matter the outcome, either in this court or the ones that will follow, all its doing is stalling for time for society to decide if we want a free internet or if will let the content industry restart it as a cable tv network.