Confusion and smokescreens

Parliament is a great big mess right now. some 300 MP’s are desperate to start their summer holidays. As a decoy, our prime minister was sent to Innsbruck(swe) to shift focus on to the EC match tonight. Meanwhile people in the thousands gathered outside the Swedish riksdag, our parliament. Youth sections from both the left and the right bloc are there, with the same message. Stop FRA. The public doesn’t want this and they are joined by the journalists, the experts, the ISPs and the lawyers.

And still we might see a vote tonight. The government actually chooses to step up the conflict and are trying to hide the new vote. After last nights debate, where the pressure from the blogosphere destablized the government and forced them into a theatrical retreat, with tears and storys about MP’s mothers.

1825 came and went, in five minutes the riksdag will gather once again.


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