The FRA-Bill passed

The bill passed. Sweden mourns its lost democracy and human rights. As of 1st january 2009 all communications that crosses swedens borders will be monitored.

Swedens Prime Minister starts his training on monday.

143 Yes

138 No

67 Didn’t show up

1 couldn’t make up her mind.


1 Response to “The FRA-Bill passed”

  1. 1 filantropen
    2008-06-18 at 20:48

    Shit happens, now its Europe for many citizens and soon also for me! I am happy to be part of the European Union and thank god EU is there to save our souls.Rätt åt Sverge att vi förlorade mot Ryssland synd om killarna i laget däremot som gjorde allt de kunde. No hard feelings our football team rock!

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