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DN Doesn’t Understand Particpant Culture. Confuses it with Astroturfing.

DN, a very large news paper in Sweden claims to have done some “digging” into last years blog quake surrounding the FRA law. They got a quote from Amanda Brihed, founder of Black Monday, an organization dedicated to dismantling the FRA-law, saying that she had contacts with PR agencies. This coupled with the fact had an ad funded by an anonymous donor, sets their brains ablaze. Just like Prosecutor Roswall they try to pin down a structure where there is none. In this case on the critics of the FRA-law in the blogosphere. They also elect a board of leaders consisting of the Pirate Parties PR strategists (huh?), Erik Lakomaa, Henrik Alexandersson(sv), Amada Brihed and Mikael Nilsson(sv). All on their own. Problem is it’s all hearsay and DN can offer no proof what so ever to these claims. You wight want to keep in mind that DN was openly against stepping up the coverage of the FRA-law, and that the ad was posted in their competitor SvD and cost a considerable sum of money. Also last year acting editor-in-chief Johannes Åman told a concerned reader that “we covered the issue back in 2006, it’s to late to do anything about it now, so we won’t write about it”. 

Message to DN:

Dear DN, I have seen more trolls on the Interwebz than you can possibly imagine. I spend hours every day digging through forums and I spent considerable time on various MMO-boards. I can sense incomplete stories and hoaxes from a hundred links away, as can most of your internetional readers! We’re all thinking the same thing: Screenshot or it didn’t happen!


Final Debate

Final debate of the bill is today. MP’s who opt to read the news today will be greeted by a dizzying amount of articles concerning the FRA-bill. A week ago there where zero. Non of the old-media outlets, had written a single proper article. There where a few editorials, but neither created any public interest. One of swedens more renowned newspapers even went so far as to tell one worried citizen that he was simply “too late”. All things newsworthy about this bill had been exhausted last year, when a minority in our parliament managed to put the decision on ice for a year to allow for further debate and consideration.

“Tack för ditt mejl. DN har skrivit en hel del om FRA-lagen såväl
på nyhetsplats som på ledarsidorna. Tyngdpunkten i den bevakning låg
dock förra året när frågan ännu var öppen. Idag är frågan i realiteten
avgjort. Debatt och beslut äger rum i riksdagen i början av nästa
vecka, och inför detta kommer vi att skriva igen. Men det är extremt
ovanligt att partierna ändrar sig i ett så här sent skede - eller att
riksdagsmän fäller förslag från den egna regeringen. Så det är inte vi
som är ointresserade av frågan utan bloggarna och annonsören “Nätverket
stoppa FRA-lagen” som är för sent ute.

Vänliga hälsningar

Johannes Åman

tf chef för ledarredaktionen [DN]“*

I’ll attempt to translate parts of that

"Thank you for your mail. DN has covered several issues about the FRA-bill in both
articles and editorials. The majority of the coverage happened last year
when the outcome was still open.
.... blah blah blah, parliament cant change their minds this late, blah blah blah ....
So, its us not having any interest in the issue, but instead the blogs and
the "Stoppa FRA-lagen"-network that are too late.
Kind regards
Johannes Åman
acting editor-in-chief [DN]"

So the debate since last summer then? There was none.

But today, that same newspaper has no less than THIRTEEN articles criticizing the FRA-bill, on the front page. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 (all Swedish)

This one has 11 articles, most slamming the bill.

Swedish National Radio (swe) has an article saying that Folkpartiet: The Liberal Party of Sweden are having a special whipping meeting later this morning. Obviously no liberal could find anything wrong with this bill, and whoever has any doubts get the whip….

Same article also reports that Bahnhof (their press release in Swedish), swedens oldest ISP, will refuse to comply with the law in the event that Swedish parliament passes the FRA-bill. Bahnhof are just about done moving in to their new offices; an old nuclear storage bunker. I cant believe the CEO can keep a straight face when he tells the reporter that. I can almost see him biting his tongue, not to say: “I’d like to see them try”.

As a note, Bahnhof also made the headlines when they took the Swedish Tax Office to court for demanding the customer databases of several large ISPs in sweden, among them Bahnhof.

A call has gone out in the swedish blogosphere to wear white tomorrow in support of those brave enough to vote according to their own values and ideals. All we need is for four liberal MP’s to vote no. Judging by the last few days, its quite possible.

If the vote is in fact “no” on Wednesday, the Swedish blogosphere will have written history and changed the outcome on a vote even the old-media thought a lost cause.