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All swedes are idiots – FRA’s message to the public

Last few days we’ve seen employees of FRA, a former(swe) and the current(swe) general-director of FRA complaining in editorials in Swedish newspapers. Both are claiming that all swedes opposed to the FRA monitoring all digital traffic in and out of Sweden are idiots, lunatics who have an unhealthy distrust for our government. These two also shoot down the argument that this law would help protect Swedish troops from IED’s when serving abroad. An argument frequently used by proponents during the debate in the parliament. We have been saying all along that this claim was absurd, and wouldn’t you know it, the general-directors agree. Unfortunately neither of them offer any reasons of their own as to why this law is a good idea. One in every two swedes are clearly too stupid to understand the ramifications of this law, and that is reason enough. Falkvinge and Opassande have commented on it in Swedish.

Personally I cant grasp what they hope to accomplish by insulting the intelligence nearly half of Sweden, and using this as the only argument to justify this law. In these two editorials not a single piece of new information has been produced.

Meanwhile journalists keep finding skeletons in not only the closets, but the cupboards, the fridge and the dishwasher.

FRA started hiring its new analysts years ago, in small numbers, to avoid suspicion and used a company where one of the FRAs board members is a stockholder(swe). The are already demanding new hardware and more employees to cope with the new workload(swe).

The Swedish Data Inspection Board, who would be one of the new controllers, as proposed by the modified bill, where never asked, and as their precise roll hasn’t been defined their General-Director cant say if they are actually up to the task or not.

The crisis in the government over this is increasing. When the leader of the moderate parties youth section, the moderates being the biggest party in the ruling coalition, threatened to resign, our prime minister was asked to comment. His reply(swe) was: “my, a party that wants to snoop on all swedes, that sounds really scary, good thing there are no such parties in the government.” Reinfeldt is  also convinced one of every two swedes are idiots and that we should just shut up(swe). In his own words: “We all gain by dropping this debate.” On the question if he has no sympathy for the critics at all he replied “The decision has been made, I guess you can criticize that, but its too late now.”

The swedish people are not idiots, we know how to read, and our opinions matter. All claims to the contrary are ludicrous.


Leave me alone

I found this and i must say it’s really good. It’s a plead to Thomas Bodström, the creator of the FRA-law, to leave the singer alone.

There are more videos popping up on youtube, all critical, but this one imo is the best one in english I found so far. Theres one in swedish that is really brilliant too, called Döda politiska karriärers sällskap. Thats Dead Political Careers Society, a spoof on Dead Poets Society, and it brought tears to a lot of eyes here in sweden.

Through all this I keep returning to two thoughts. One, if old-media, while free and uncensored, arent covering the acts of government, how will the people make informed decisions on who to vote on? If theres no coverage you, as a citizen can never hold the MP’s accountable for their acts if they misrepresent your vote. Has the responsibility of this really shifted so far on to the public that modern politics require a blogosphere to keep track of the government? Where else will you get news of upcomming laws in a format that is understandable to those who arent students of the law? What is the role of old-media in the modern political landscape in sweden? True, sweden has what, the sixth best internet infrastructure and broadband penetration in the world, but I cant see us doing away with old-media completly. There are still far too many who havent embraced the possibilities and are unaware of the ease of access of information out here. And obviously most of them find that being in politics is their particular calling. If you were to do away with all old-media coverage of political affairs right now, caos would ensue. The situation in sweden shows this clearly. Old-media have been criticized through all this for failing in their responsibilities, and among other things categorically waiting untill right before the votes to cover new laws. There are several laws in the pipe here in sweden, the Data Retention Directive being one of them, who all generate the same emotional response as the FRA-law. Too little coverage too late compounds the problems. Whenever the public hear news from the government they are portrayed as done deals, and a lot of the time they are too.  How does that inspire people to form and opinion?

The second thing i cant shake is how despicable the political whip is. Maintaining a united party line should never have priority over the ideals and political platform that you were elected on. In this case there were clear issues with the party platforms of all four parties in the government coalition, aka The Alliance. These are all, to some extent, liberals and this obviously created internal conflicts in the government. You cant employ mass surveilance of your citizens and call youselves liberals, you cant even call yourselves democratic. Now, if they would have discussed and argued the issue, why sweden should or should not pass this bill it would have been fine, but these whipping meetings that were held for two days prior to the vote, centered around the various MP’s -> BETRAYING <- the party and the coalition. HEY MORONS! THE PLATFORM IS THE POLITICS YOU PROMISED US YOU WOULD REPRESENT IN THE PARLIAMENT! The ones who where betrayed were not the parties who couldnt produce a united front. The ones betrayed are the voters. Non-socialist liberals are now kicked out of their home so to speak. All their youth sections are pulling their support(swe) for their candidates currently in the parliament. If you cant argue that an opinion is in violation of your platform you have absolutely no right to force a MP of your party to vote in a particular way. That is despicable! Its immoral! And its undemocratic!

The constitution of sweden says, all power emanate from the people. Our prime minister clearly hasn’t read this since he recently said that “all power comes from the goverment” in an interview on swedish TV4.

Some blogs for the readers who grasp Swedish

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Texplorer and Falkvinge also write in english at times

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143 political suicides

After losing the vote yesterday and having our democracy butchered the blogosphere is regrouping. The Enemy has announced itself, and these MP’s that voted yes must be held accountable.

On a more pleasant one shining beacon for hope held on to her ideals and voted against the amended FRA-bill. Camilla Lindberg, I hope you take the time to collect all the flowers we are sending to your office(swe).

I will be back in a day or two with a lengthier post and have a look at what the english speaking media has to say.


The FRA-Bill passed

The bill passed. Sweden mourns its lost democracy and human rights. As of 1st january 2009 all communications that crosses swedens borders will be monitored.

Swedens Prime Minister starts his training on monday.

143 Yes

138 No

67 Didn’t show up

1 couldn’t make up her mind.


Swedish Parliament an Embarresment

“We need this to assist our fire fighters”

The streams from the riksdag are crumbling under the load. All transmissions are buffering and I cant  be sure i got the context right for above quote.  I’ll do some digging.

I’m trying to watch Lage Rahm at the moment He still wearing white, and still just as great. But the failing live feeds make it impossible.

The government have been under heavy attack for their rehearsed performance last night. Several of the opposing MP’s are also wearing white, not only Lage Rahm.

The questions that get thrown around are

  • What are the actual changes to the law?
  • What are the actual threats to sweden at this time?
  • What does the opposition propose instead?

Answers are just as predictable

  • We have more controllers controlling the controllers
  • There are many threats; evil people, New York, London, Madrid. Staffan Danielsson (c) even goes so far so to say that swedens nuclear power plants are reason enough, naturally without more details than that.
  • Here there are several answers since the left bloc in sweden arent in a coalition like the right bloc. The Social Democrats want to go back to the drawing board, The Green Party are saying scrap FRA and the left are only criticizing from what I’ve seen so far.

Staffan Danielsson is actually a sight. Hes absolutely terrified at the stand, shaking like a leaf and cant keep his voice under control as he tries to explain why its ok for his liberal party to vote for this bill.

Pretty much everything newsworty at this point is about the theatrics yesterday. Lex Orwell is still the same pardigm shift in domecratic principles. More topping wont make it any less of a turd.


Confusion and smokescreens

Parliament is a great big mess right now. some 300 MP’s are desperate to start their summer holidays. As a decoy, our prime minister was sent to Innsbruck(swe) to shift focus on to the EC match tonight. Meanwhile people in the thousands gathered outside the Swedish riksdag, our parliament. Youth sections from both the left and the right bloc are there, with the same message. Stop FRA. The public doesn’t want this and they are joined by the journalists, the experts, the ISPs and the lawyers.

And still we might see a vote tonight. The government actually chooses to step up the conflict and are trying to hide the new vote. After last nights debate, where the pressure from the blogosphere destablized the government and forced them into a theatrical retreat, with tears and storys about MP’s mothers.

1825 came and went, in five minutes the riksdag will gather once again.


Vote about voting

1825 today, parliament will will vote about whether they should vote about the amended Lex Orwell at 1925 today.