Danny O’Brian explains the Spectrial on G4tv.com

This clip with Danny O’Brian from the Electronic Frontier Foundation gets most of it right.

  • It’s closer to 3 years worth of preparation.
  • It’s two hosts, a spokesperson and a would-be business partner.
  • Just as the industry won’t accept a settlement or loss neither will TPB
  • Any advertisers appearing on the site are threatened with legal action from the content industry.

1 Response to “Danny O’Brian explains the Spectrial on G4tv.com”

  1. 1 John
    2009-03-10 at 22:38

    File sharing does not mean ilegally downloading files, ’cause I can share any of my files if i want to. If anyone is breaking the law is the people downloading copyrighted material, how can you blame thepiratebay.org for linking sites ??? so, by the same logic, google should be sued ’cause the other day I got in my gmail suggestions to go to mininova.org (and so other people did)… the anti-piracy agencies are so desperate to find a solution that they’re blaming the wrong folks, or the easiest ones (from my point of view, that’s just cheap!)

    If them yankis achieve to win the case against TPB they’ll move here to Venezuela where I ensure nothing will happen to them haha. try to open a trial here hahaha I will laugh so hard

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