IFPI.se defaced

IFPI.se deface

IFPI.se deface

Earlier today IFPI.se was defaced


The mindless hunt that IFPI, The Anti-Piracy Bureau, Warner Bros and all other companies med a finger in the game has now resulted in a trial where four innocent men are charged with copyright infringement.

This is a declaration of war against the anti piracy industry and those behind it, and we urge everyone to boycott and lynching of those responsible.

IFPI is only the beginning. More to come

The New Generation

# cred to: anakata, TiAMO and brokep

This pointless and stupid. Nuff said.


Brokep says: we’re winnig, stop hacknig plz.

-Update 2

ifpi.com and ifpi.org are not responding anymore.

-Update 3

ifpi.com and ifpi.org are back and appear untouched.

ifpi.se still not fully recovered.


3 Responses to “IFPI.se defaced”

  1. 1 Tor
    2009-02-19 at 09:07

    Stupid! I hope the ones who did it get caught.

  2. 2009-02-20 at 00:18

    Fuck you Tor, you fucking faggot. I hope you get lynched with the rest of those ifpi bastards. Your God has spoken.

  3. 3 bobi
    2009-06-17 at 11:05

    great..do you want do it again with tanady.com site

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