EU Baffels the Internets.

I’m still sifting through all the articles from todays trial but this warrants a post of its own. Our private life have been under serious attack the last few years partly because there is very little understanding for the fact that a huge part of our lives and identities are created, shared and developed online among law makers. In Sweden we have been battling the FRA-Law, IPRED and the Police Method Investigation to name a few. Many voices have been raised criticizing the EU for forcing us to enact all these dangerous and mostly ineffective laws. Well today the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affair published a report on Strengthening Security and Fundamental Freedoms on the Internet. All in all this seems like an awesome proposal, but as with all thing EU the process from here on in notoriously complicated. And I expect it will be fought against, specially by France who are hell bent on three-strike-laws and the home of Vivendi.

Thanks Micke for bringing this to our attention!


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