Vote about voting

1825 today, parliament will will vote about whether they should vote about the amended Lex Orwell at 1925 today.


1 Response to “Vote about voting”

  1. 1 filantropen
    2008-06-18 at 19:01

    From a taxpayers point of view, living in Sweden I must ask myself, who is the boss? Is it possible for the politicians and state employees to vote in the Orwell 1984 law also called FRA-law. As they represent a democratic political system, I wonder how they will handle the voting as they have a high income salary, as politicians, coming from the taxpayers and must now vote for a law that allows the state emplyoees to spy on their boss, the taxpayers that pays their salary, at the same time? The boss (taxpayer) does not wish that you go through his/hers personal mail, or phone calls would you?
    Sweden has the highest income tax approx.30% plus 33% emplyment tax, etc.

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