The Party Whip

In the midst of the raging battle here in sweden no one sure of anything. Newspapers where fast to post that the Swedish Centre Party had finally come to an agreement and that they where in fact all woting yes to the FRA-bill, or Lex Orwell if you will. Shortly afterwards Fredrick Federley, the bright hope of liberal sweden, and a outspoken opponent of Lex Orwell was seen leaving his parties whipping meeting, swearing with every step, and went on to announce that they where in fact not at all in agreement. Shorhly before resuming the debate in the parliament Federley announced that they where now finally in agreement. But the article is confusing, neither of the MP’s interviewed, Federley and Roger Tiefensee the parties group leader, actually announce what their vote will be. Federley is holding back, and Tiefensee is just talking about keeping the right wing alliance floating.


As Im writing this, and i mean right in this very instant, Federley announced his vote! A no! A hero is born!

That means that so far we have two out of the four neede votes to stop Lex Orwell this time. The other MP to announce his vote for a democratic sweden is Karl Sigfrid of Nya Meoderaterna (they offer no translation of their own name that I could find)

But there are several opponents who have yet to announce their votes, one is Annie Johansson, who was seen leaving a whippnig meeting in tears this morning.

The Liberal Party of Sweden also have several opponents and they are by all accounts still deliberating and whipping.

I wish I could actually watch the debate on the parliaments webtv, but alas, it is broken.

Ah well several bloggers relocated to the parliament library instead and have been following the debate from there until 1900 today when the library closed.

Liveblogs from the debate:

Rick Falkvinge
Oscar Swartz
Röd Libertarian


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