Lage Rahm (mp) – A speaker in white

I found a working live feed. And I’m watching an MP from the green party. He’s also quite angry. Starting of a bit shaky, he got warmed up towards the end touching upon virtiually all problems with the law. Dressed in white he brought out every gun he could and actually recieved a snide comment about him using almost 50% more time than he asked for.

As speeches go he could have done better, but where facts and opinions are concerned he got it all right.

Other live blogs from the debate:

Rick Falkvinge
Oscar Swartz
Röd Libertarian

edited for speeling and grammar

2 Responses to “Lage Rahm (mp) – A speaker in white”

  1. 1 David Olsson
    2008-06-18 at 04:10

    Actually they all recive “snyde” comments when they run over by more than 50% of their alotted time, such is the job of the “talman”.

  2. 2 purpleflagship
    2008-06-18 at 06:12

    Yes, a gathered as much from watching the rest of them. It was my first time watching a debate like that, and i wasn’t aware of the finer points. Still it surprised me that they had such a hard time keeping tabs on the length of their speeches.

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