Jan Lindholm (mp)

Another speaker from the Swedish Green party.

He spoke interestingly about how the amuont of people taknig an interest in this is more telling than whatsactually wrong with it. Not sure I’d agree there, but maybe that comes from extensive internet usage. Gathering large amounts of peolpe online is easy, about as easy as finding bad arguments IRL.

Lindholm cosiders this a historic event, with so many people enganing themselves. And he says that there has been a shift in focus from gathering people in marches to actually threating to replace the MP’s through elections. And I agree, you need to put people in those seats that actually understands the issues. That understands the changes to society that the infarmation age has brought forth.

After this he went of on a great big drugs trip and started talking unrelated enviromental issues. But thankfully it wore off and he demonstarted that he had spent alot of time making up his own mind on this.

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